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The Average Albedo property of an object represents the average value of the object's surface albedo, a measure of the amount of light that is reflected (as opposed to absorbed) by the surface. An albedo of zero indicates that the object will absorb all incoming light and appear black, while an albedo of one indicates that the object will reflect all light.

Property Details[]


The Average Albedo property of a Planetary Body object is listed in the Energy Flow section of its Surface tab. For Stars, Black Holes, Fragments, and Human-Scale Objects, the Average Albedo property is located near the top of the Temperature tab.

Simulation Effects[]


The albedo of an object determines how much of the incoming energy from stars is reflected by the object rather than absorbed. An object will a higher albedo (i.e., a "shinier" object) will reflect more of this energy back into space, leading to a cooler Average Temperature or Surface Temperature.