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The Eccentricity of an object's orbit represents how circular the orbit is. Eccentricity cannot be negative, and higher Eccentricity values indicate a more elongated orbit. The value of the Eccentricity property will also determine the type of orbit or trajectory:

  • Eccentricity = 0: circular
  • 0 < Eccentricity < 1: elliptical
  • Eccentricity = 1: parabolic
  • Eccentricity > 1: hyperbolic

Eccentricity is one of the six orbital elements that described an object's orbit.

Property Details[]


The Eccentricity property is located in the Orbital Elements section of the Motion tab of an object's properties panel, if that object has an Orbital Parent.


The Eccentricity property has no units, as eccentricity is a dimensionless parameter.

Simulation Effects[]

Tidal Heating[]