Universe Sandbox Wiki

The Explode Tool will destroy a selected object, removing it from the simulation and producing fragments. The explosion also produced a spherical wavefront that expands outwards with time. If this wavefront collides with another object in the simulation, the friction of the exploded material passing the object may trigger friction fragmentation.

If the selected object is a star, the Explode Tool will cause a supernova instead.

Tool Details[]


The Explode button in located in the Tools menu in the bottom bar.

The Explode Tool settings


  • Detonation Delay
    • If this is set to zero, an object will explode instantly when clicked with the Explode Tool. If the Detonation Delay is larger than zero, the explosion will occur after that amount of time has passed within the simulation.
  • Auto Energy
    • When on, Universe Sandbox will automatically calculate how much energy is released in the explosion and the speed of the fragments, based on the mass and escape velocity of the object.
    • When off, the user can set the Explosion Energy and Fragment Speed.
  • Explosion Energy
    • The amount of kinetic energy released the explosion
  • Fragment Speed
    • The speed at which fragments are ejected in the explosion