Universe Sandbox Wiki

Universe Sandbox includes dozens of built-in, step-by-step guides to demonstrate how to use Universe Sandbox's tools and interface, explain how various parts of the simulation work, and teach a number of different physics and astronomy topics.

Guides can be found in the Home menu under Home > Guides, and are sorted into three categories:

  • Tutorials, which explain the function and features of Universe Sandbox;
  • Science, which demonstrate various topics in astronomy and astrophysics; and
  • Lessons, which teach various physics topics, including the equations describing the behavior seen in the simulation.

During a guide, on-screen instructions and animations will show how to progress to the next step, and other functions will be temporarily disabled. To restart or close the guide, simply open the Home menu and select Restart Guide or Close Guide at the top.

To prevent guides from disabling other functions during the guide, turn off Enable Guide Rails in the Game Settings menu.