Universe Sandbox Wiki

A keyboard can be used to control the camera, display settings, Simulation Speed, and to add or delete objects in the simulation. These keyboard controls can be changed in the Input tab of the global Settings in the Home menu.

Camera Controls[]

  • A moves the camera left
  • C lands the camera on the selected object
  • D moves the camera right
  • E rotates the camera clockwise
  • F moves the camera down
  • Q rotates the camera counterclockwise
  • R moves the camera up
  • S moves the camera backwards
  • W moves the camera forward
  • up/down arrow keys zoom in and out on the camera-locked object
  • left/right arrow keys rotate the camera around the camera-locked object or the camera itself

Display Controls[]

Simulation Speed Controls[]

  • , decreases the Simulation Speed
  • . increases the Simulation Speed
  • Spacebar pauses the simulation

Object Controls[]

  • 1–8 launch the objects labeled with these hotkeys
  • Backspace/delete removes the selected object from the simulation

Other Controls[]