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Some large objects, like certain stars or planets, generate a magnetic field that can influence particles in the space around the object, including incoming stellar wind. Universe Sandbox can simulate these magnetic fields by displaying the field's magnetic axis or the object's magnetosphere, the region around the object where particles will be affected by its magnetic field.

Related Properties & Settings[]


  • Properties related to magnetic fields are located in the Magnetic Fields section of the Composition tab of an object's properties panel.


Any Star, Planetary Body, or Human-Scale Object can have a simulated magnetic field, although only certain stars and planets will have non-zero magnetic field strengths based on the Universe Sandbox database, which also includes Magnetic Pole Angle values for some Solar System planets.

The magnetosphere of a Planetary Body object can also be displayed on-screen. The size of the magnetosphere is calculated from the magnetic field strength and the stellar wind pressure from any stars in the simulation.

A Neutron Star or White Dwarf with a non-zero magnetic field will become a Pulsar, emitting two beams of light along its magnetic field axis. The size of these beams depends on the magnetic field strength.