Universe Sandbox Wiki

The Material Tool launches particles made up of certain materials into the simulation from the camera position. These particles will be affected by gravity and will affect the composition of any object they collide with.

Tool Details[]


The Material button is located in the Tools menu in the bottom bar. When clicked, a menu will appear displaying several settings.

The Material tool settings


There are several settings that affect the launched particles.

  • Material
  • Particle Mass
    • The mass of each particle
  • Automatic Mass
    • When this setting is on, the mass of each particle will be calculated automatically.
    • When this setting is off, the user can set the Particle Mass.
  • Speed
    • The speed of the launched particles
  • Objects / sec
    • How many particles are launched per second
  • Spread
    • Angle representing the distribution of particle directions
  • Transfer Momentum
    • When off, the particles will not conserve momentum when they collide with objects in the simulation.
  • Magic Particles
    • When on, the particles will appear as unnaturally small, glowing objects.

Simulation Effects[]