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A Star in Universe Sandbox is a simulated object representing an actual star, a roughly spherical ball of plasma held in shape by the competing forces of gravity and internal pressures.

Properties Panel[]

The properties panel for a Star object will include the following tabs:


Star objects have the following sets of characteristics:

  • They are attracting objects, meaning that they exert a gravitational force on other objects in the simulation.
  • They are attracted objects, meaning that they feel the effects of gravity from other attracting objects in the simulation.
  • They have calculated orbital elements, and their orbit can be displayed.
  • They can collide with other objects.
  • Their age affects their mass, radius, and density.
  • They have a surface temperature, distinct from their internal effective temperature.
  • They emit heat, which will affect the temperatures of other objects in the simulation.
  • They emit light, which will allow the user to see other objects in the simulation.
  • They experience stellar evolution, including the possibility of supernova.
  • They have a simulated composition.
  • They may have a magnetic field.


The Universe Sandbox database includes stars from several sources, including:

Universe Sandbox also uses the SIMBAD Astronomical Database to find uniform positions and alternative names for stars in its database.