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The Origin property of a Supernova Cloud object indicates the 3D location where the supernova occurred relative to the Simulation Grid, and thus where the cloud originated. This is a read-only property that is automatically calculated by Universe Sandbox. Like the Position Vector property of an object, the Origin is a 3D vector, with x-, y-, and z-components.

Property Details[]


The Origin property is located in the Properties section of the Nova tab in the Supernova Cloud's properties panel.


Each component of the Origin can be viewed using the following units:

  • Milky Way Galaxy radius (milky way) = 5.5×104 light year
  • Parsec (parsec) = 3.08568025×1016 m
  • Light-year (light year) = 9.46073047×1015 m
  • Astronomical Unit (AU) = 1.495978707×1011 m
  • Solar radius (sun) = 6.955×108 m
  • Lunar distance (lunar dist) = 3.844×108 m
  • Light-second (light sec) = 2.99792458×108 m
  • Jupiter radius (jupiter) = 6.9911×107 m
  • Earth radius (earth) = 6.37101×106 m
  • Moon radius (moon) = 1.7371×106 m
  • Kilometer (km) = 1000 m
  • Meter (m) is the SI base unit for length
  • Centimeter (cm) = 0.01 m
  • Millimeter (mm) = 0.001 m