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The Surface Temperature map for Earth in the Solar System

For each surface property simulated by Universe Sandbox, a 2D heat map of the property can be displayed using the View Panel.

These data maps can also be displayed directly on the 3D surface of the object in the simulation using the Surface menu in the Appearance tab.

The map is a 2D representation of the object's surface, divided into a rectangular grid of cells. The color of each cell represents the value of the surface property at that point on the surface. The resolution of the map, or the number of grid cells, depends on the performance demands of the simulation.

The following types of data maps can be displayed for Terrestrial Planet or Planetoid objects:

For Gas Giant objects, which have no solid surface and thus no valid elevation or material phase simulation, only the Surface Temperature and Sea Level Temperature maps will be displayed.

Selecting Grid Cells[]

Hovering over a single cell in the grid will display the value of the displayed surface property in that cell. Clicking the cell will display all surface property values for that cell in the Selected Grid Cell section of the Surface tab.


A horizontal legend appears below the map, displaying the values represented by the map colors. A dropdown menu to the right of the legend controls the units used. The legend can be toggled on and off in the 2D View Settings menu.

Color Scheme[]

The color scheme used in the map can be changed using the Gradient setting in the 2D View Settings menu. The Logarithmic setting in this menu will determine whether the color scheme is linear or logarithmic.