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The Temperature tab in an object's [[Interface#Object Properties Panel|properties panel]] displays properties related to the object's temperature.
The Temperature tab displays properties related to the energy received by the object from external sources, and the effect of this energy on the object's atmosphere, if present. The Earth and Mars property panels have a Climate tab in place of the Temperature tab.
* Uncategorized
* Uncategorized
** Surface Temperature
**[[Surface Temperature]]
* Energy Flow
** Effective Temperature
**[[Energy Absorption Rate]]
** Average Albedo
** Radiative Power
***[[Fusion Power]]
** Tidal Power
***[[Stellar Power]]
***[[Supernova Power]]
* Atmosphere
***[[Tidal Power]]
** Atmosphere Mass
***[[Gas Drag Power]]
** Surface Pressure
**[[Energy Radiation Rate]]
** Atmosphere Scale Height
**[[Heating Rate]]
** Greenhouse Effect
**[[Equilibrium Temperature]]
** Infrared Emissivity
**[[Surface Heat Capacity]]
* Display
**[[Average Albedo]]
** Show Atmosphere
**[[Effective Temperature]]
** Show Clouds

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